Pod Cabinet 1

Pod Cabinet 2/3 open

This was a commissioned piece, for a wall-hung 6′ diameter pumpkin-shaped cabinet with 10 articulated doors. A departure from marquetry into the designing a way of forming of epoxy infused panels to create visually and mechanically dynamic, art, in a furniture setting. I also like the contrast of a sexy Mercedes red, black wood and 22K gold plated hardware together. We are using more vacuum technology these days, and I find it is becoming more relevant in shops doing cutting edge stuff. This cabinet works well, as illustrated here in this vid (see more below). This project has planted the seed for building another one, a different shape, same trick hardware, and using fine veneers for the compound curves instead on epoxy composites… Click here for more movies, pics and info

A short clip showing the doors in operation

Hummingbird – Jewelry Armoire

Hummingbird Cabinet Interior

Hummingbird Jewelry Box Interior

This cabinet was commissioned by someone who had a lot of jewelry to organize and keep in a safe place. The challenge was to have a densely packed and well crafted storage interior, (a few secret compartments thrown in for good measure)  and where everything worked well, and looked good. The marquetry from abalone shell and dyed wood veneers was quite interesting, and pulling all the shiny parts together was the icing on the cake. I have been playing with knob positions on several recent projects, which is a ‘Design by Hardware Placement.’ kind of concept.  Click here for more pics and info


Veneer Funion-Turnip by Paul Schürch

This project is called the ‘Funion’ and was started as an experiment in wind driven kinetic sculptural design and the effort to make it light weight enough that it would spin in wind. It worked quite well, and will most likely lead to larger pieces in the future.

Its strength relies on the interlocking shape of the two-ply veneer walls for its strength, making the final wall thickness 1 mm, short of 1/16” strong enough to hold the shape.

We made it an interactive piece, but it did require supervision at the event. The lines attaching the leaf collar to the crown, could be easily pulled and made fast to a cleat on the bottom, and the whole shape is mounted onto a lazy susan, and would begin spinning in 10 MPH wind. Pretty cool stuff, and a enjoyable project to work on. Many people said the experience being inside while it is closing, is interesting, sort of being in a Venus flytrap, or 16-pedaled flower that opens and spins.
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Flower drawer mechanic update

Paul Schurch flower mechanic Paul Schurch flower mechanic

These critically sized divider blocks for the pivoting mechanic that are presently on my work bench were something that was holding up the project for several months, since I was nervous about the accuracy needed to make it all work. One month to think about it, one week making the two jigs, and one hour for milling the 4 little blocks. Insane and difficult little things, which have to milled to a tolerance of +/- .002”.
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Wooden Dress “Bustier de Bois”

BdB fashion night

A collaborative fashion project by

Paul Schürch and Wesly Villaseñor

Bustier de Bois by Paul Schürch & Wesley Villaseñor

Bustier de Bois by Paul Schürch & Wesley Villaseñor

This project was conceived many years ago around a dinner table with several woodworkers, engineers, artists and creative designers, attempting to envision new ways to express beauty through art, and I, being the craftsman that is addicted to big challenges, said ‘How about high end, fashionable wooden clothing? ‘When this statement was greeted with surprised silence and interested quizzical looks, I knew that there was something special about this idea. So began our research into the styles and materials that dictate the confusing world of fashion, what looks and feels good, building different prototypes, and learning more about veneer by pushing the limits, yet again. There are few examples of wood being used in fashion since 1929, and has been seldom explored in the world of wearable art. Click here for more pics and info

Mother of Pearl Inlay

Luxury SUV limo mother of pearl Inlay into walnut burl veneer by Paul Schürch

This customized vehicle with walnut burl veneer components were inlaid with 75 feet of mother of pearl strips, then lacquered to achieve a high gloss. These vehicles are extremely high end SUVs with lots of fine leather, electronic gear and quite flashy once the gloss lacquer over the veneered components is polished out.

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Ruby Stone Pomegranate Tiq project

Pomitiq Illuminated Semi-Precious Stone Inlay Cabinet by Paul Schürch

This cabinet was quite unusual and to my knowledge the first of its kind… It has an interior illuminated semiprecious stone panel in the door, in order to project light through the stone out into the sanctuary. This project took well over one year to construct, was the biggest Pietra dure panel I have ever attempted on my own, and gave me a chance to flex my ‘patience muscle’ like never before. The stone was made of slabbed ruby, ziosite (which forms around the ruby and is bright green for the ‘leaves’, aventurine for the ‘stems’, and a non-translucent limestone for the image ‘background’. The tiara was adorned with various ruby off cuts shaped into cabochons and set into gold findings. Quite majestic- Click here for more pics and info

Musharabia Mirror Revision

Mashrabiya Mirror Frame Repair by Paul Schürch
This elaborate mirror needed to be increased in height and needed new turned ebony, bone, padauk parts that were very small, (down to 1/8″ long) set into a frame that had pewter, bone and ebony inlay. The hundreds of parts are not glued together in the frame, and involved meticulous detail.
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Loyola University Crest

Custom Wood Inlay Crest by Paul Schürch for New Orleans Loyola University

This project was for the Loyola University in New Orleans , two crests, 48 inches; and 30 inches in diameter. All USA sustainable woods, water base finish, LEEDS compliant, glued onto 1/4 inch phenolic MDF, and delivered on time…  Click here for more pics and info